Klas1 windows are already proven safe products, but in certain applications there may be a need to use a glazing of special safety glass. These are hardened and laminated glasses, or combinations thereof. They may be used as facades, doors, bathroom furnishings, etc.
When breakage occurs laminated safety glass fractures into glass fragments which remain attached to film, minimizing the cut-injury risk, while the glass' natural strength and its controlled breakage prevents the penetration of criminals. If necessary, bullet-resistant glazing can also be ordered.
Other options to ensure the safety of our glazing can be refined in use on site as required.

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Fire Protection

Fire Protection usually implies strong steel or stone material structures. Today, fire protection can be implemented even in windows. This enables many new kinds of architectural solutions. New fire safety glasses can operate in addition to fire shields for a greater variety of options.

Klas1-windows are available in a wide range of fire safety glass, and these can be combined with any other special glasses.

Heated Insulating Glass

Heated glass can be used to prevent the problems which come with cold glass surfaces. This glass blocks cold transfer, condensation, ice and cold air currents, namely the feeling of a draft. The level of heating provided in the glass package is determined according to whether it is a public space, house or vacation home. Heated Insulating Glass has an independent heat source and may be switched off as required. The most common uses are in spa or washing facilities, and with large glass surfaces when a hot glass surface adds comfort.


Klas1 windows work with Pilkington and their unique Pilkington Activ glass. It features a double-acting process using natural forces to keep the glass clean from organic dirt. Its surface layer divides and detaches from the organic dirt, and the same surface characteristics encourage rain water to wash out dust and dirt effectively without leaving unpleasant traces or residue.

Glass that handles harmful thermal radiation

Pilkington Suncool 70/35 ™ offers the ideal solution to an ever growing need to make buildings as energy efficient as possible without having to sacrifice natural available light. Pilkington Suncool 70/35 ™ glass offers low solar energy transmittance and a very high light transmission making any work or living environment comfortable and aesthetically pleasant.

Energy Management

Klas1 use many different glasses, and the range of the energy characteristics are excellent. Glass can be selected to filter the sun's harmful rays, while at the same time, keep the heat inside and cold outside. Also actively heated glasses are available. Heat insulating ability can be improved by increasing the so-called. thermal mass, ie by using an element of TPS, SS (Thermoplastic Spacer, Super Spacer), and various gas vacuums. 

The right choice of glass can be tailored to big and small glass surfaces to combat indoor climate problems, such as resisting cooling, energy loss and in other cases, for instance, the thermal management of surplus heat.

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Noise Control

Klas1-windows can be installed with special sound insulation suitable for windows, which is achieved by better use of normal window glass insulation.



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