Klas1 windows receive the following surface treatments:

Sealer treatment (KK, KKL)

Defined in tone (e.g., pine, beech, straw, oak or walnut), lacquered surface or bare.

Olki Pähkinä Mänty Tammi Pyökki

Finish (ML)

The standard white or a specified tone. 

Aluminium exterior cladding available in all tones.

All processes are solvent free and water based.

Recommended tape: on painted surfaces

Tapes use a variety of oils to improve the tapes adhesion. In some tapes the oils are too powerful when used on painted surfaces.

We do not guarantee the following tapes are best suited for painted surfaces:

  1. Scotch 2090 (3M), masking tape. Most suitable for paint, but excess time, use and pressure may result in some paint removal.
  2. Prof. masking tape, masking tape
  3. Scotch (3M), construction tape, building tape.
  4. Tesa 4334, precision masking tape, masking tape
  5. Tesa 5258, outdoor durable masking tape

All tape types should be removed as soon as possible once plastering work is completed. In addition, we do not recommend tape with doors and windows where the potential for damage repair is easier.

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