KLAS1 Window System

Klas1 windowsKlas1 windows are all built to a solidly opening design, typically with only two washable surfaces, and in some cases just one! Klas1 windows are suitable for the most demanding applications. Our windows are slender, offer an attractive light and great convenience as priority.

Klas1 windows are used in the north for good reason, and they are manufactured in Finland. TPS and SS Technology isolates the glass along the side surfaces, taking traditional techniques of insulating glass a degree further.

Klas1's range (MEKA, DA / DKA), is designed to meet demanding customer requirements, whether in their insulating abilities, protection from solar radiation, thermal protection, security, or the insulation of sound.
Klas1 windows are divided into three groups to better suit different applications:

MEKA, fixed insulating glass window

A solid window structure, suitable for both large and small windows, in applications which do not require ventilation or access.

Options depend on the destination chosen and include surface finish and glass insulation element structure, e.g., some homes would benefit from a triple glass element with an aluminium frame, providing the best suitability for low heat loss. A cottage/leisure destination may warrant a slightly lighter version featuring double glass and a treated wooden frame.


Ventilation equipped fixed window. This window type is suitable for modern construction, the ventilation window is narrow, easy to use and the outside of the frame comes in a number of finishing’s. The door width is only 175mm, so the main light aperture remains big. This size opening also ensures great security. From the exterior the Ventilation hatch appears the same whether opened or closed and comes equipped with a special filter against dust, as well as other available options.

DKA, Multi folding windows and a balcony doors

This window type is ideally suited to any building requiring ventilation and inside window care. DKA windows and doors offer comfort second to none. Window ventilation characteristics do not interfere with interior space, making them ideal for applications such as the workplace. DKA-doors can be used to create a 'French balcony door' style.



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