A Comprehensive Plan for Windows

House construction is usually a family’s biggest and longest lasting financial investment. Investing in professional design will improve and return your investment many times over. An attractive and functional home will result in a much greater resale value.

The design process begins with a list of all that you do and do not want from your new house. Next, get to know the lands conditions, orientation and access, the situation of neighbouring buildings, the service requirements and the family's wish list.

The planning of natural light through your windows is very important. The window apertures, and their affect on both the interior and exterior of the building will have a significant effect on character and individuality. Choosing the right windows to fit your needs is essential on a technical and aesthetic level. Large window areas, and appropriate glass panes are available to meet all the requirements.

KLAS1 windows for:

3 pane windows

  • architectural specialty items
  • villas, terraces and apartments
  • public buildings
  • cabins, villas and leisure destinations

2 pane windows

  • leisure destinations
  • industrial halls
  • shops and stores
  • animal shelters
  • sample windows
  • porches, verandas
  • garages

1 pane windows

  • home items
  • partition and dividing walls, etc.
  • play cottages and other garden buildings

In addition, all Klas1 windows are suitable for renovation and restoration sites.



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