French balcony doors

  • A wide fronted hinged opening in a frame of 2-3 pane glazing for a French balcony.
  • The door opens in three different ways, providing intrusion sure ventilation, easy cleaning and a securely closed position.
  • Only 2 washable surfaces!
  • Glazing can suit all applications (for example, the U-value, solar protection, security, sound insulation, intrusion protection, child safety)
  • Features are adaptable to their situation, for example, child locks, etc.
  • Light Aperture frame edge 93mm. Exterior wood or aluminium coating
  • The French Balcony door is also available in Double door format.
  • The door can be equipped with the factory glass of your choice
Orders include Hoppe Tokyo surface fittings. Fittings on the doors are white, silver or brass colour. There is also a lock button.



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